Am I right to say reasonably big, stable, bit on the heavy side but would make a great long distance cruiser, capable of 100mph all day with spacef or luggage and room to hide behind the screen ?

How chuckable will it be on twisty roads ?

It was a capable sports tourer with a bulletproof gixer based engine and adequate handling.

Odd Testerossa styling and the ugliest rear end ever.

Cheap n cheerful but I’d rather go for a ZZR1100 if I had to go for a bike of that era.

No personal experience - but it’s a lot of bike for the money - as an alternative have you looked at the Yamaha Thunderace? Another excellent road bike - nowhere near as small, light and sharp as today’s litre sportsbikes - but probably better on the road (rather than track) as a result.

OMG I agree with Chunks :smiley:

And it just so happens that a mate of mine is selling his Thunderace, It’s in excellent condition and pretty low mileage. PM me if you want his number :slight_smile:

Those are the bikes I’m looking at, the RF900 is cheap and seems very capable, the ZZR1100 is a bit more expensive and very similar and the Thunderace from what I’ve read is prbably slightly more sporty but just as easy for long distance. All well under £2k. Was looking at the RSV for sale here too.

Thunder Ace was a good one to chuck in the mix :wink: Would feel heavy and tourer like compared to yours :hehe:

Aye! Trouble with T/Aceis that after a couple of winters they do look a bit fluffy buy seeing as you like Kawasakis you will be used to that;):DThere is a good reasin that the ZZR’s seem to hold their price;)You might like to consider a pre V-Tec VFR as well Steve:cool:

I always liked the rear of the RF, my mate had the 900 at uni and he loved it. but a ZZR or thunderace might be a better choice…

More than enough has been mentioned about your taste E;):smiley:

It was the starship enterprise look that I liked, was current back then, now it is wickedly retro :slight_smile:

I like it too, sat on one in a bike shop a few months ago, big old beast but probably ideal for what I have in mind. Read a road test from 1995 which put it streets ahead of the original ZX9 and VFR750. The Thunderace was a newer design so I guess that’s probably better still . . . anyway the one I was looking at has been sold already, £1100 for a lot of bike :w00t:



Cheers Paul, that’s what i’m after, long range. Thought about making a cage to hold a 20 litre jerry can on one side too, to extend the range between needing petrol stations.

+1 on the VFR800 (though I’m slightly biased, of course). Not quite as much top end as the litre-bikes but will do silly speeds all day, and if it’s range you’re after mine’s doing over 200 miles on a tankful.

Will the early 750’s do a similar range ? That’s ideal.

Wow that is gonna make the handling interesting!!!

Maybe a top box bracket would be better ? :wink:

OMG! I always thought that people bought RF’s despite the looks. Perhaps because they got it for half price or something… not because they actually liked how it looked :crazy:

I think Elad is right, it’s got a real retro look about it but have seen the specs for the ZZR1100 . . . genuine 170ish mph, but still 40+ mpg. The VFR750 looks like it’ll do 50mpg on a 4.5 gallon tank so best part of 200 miles to a tank which might be more useful.