RF600 Streetfighter Project

Well it took a few months but she is finally finished just one or two very small things to tidy up :woots:.

Before Normal RF600


I like that . Best colour too! :smiley:

I like that . Best colour too! :smiley:

nice 1 m8

\fu\8k me mate, looks like a hurricane’s been thru your garage… Is that just a front end (top left) or a whole bike trying to get from the cellar, over all the sh*t :smiley:

Looks tidy Mate…love the tank to seat unit finish, looks factory :cool:

very nice, spoiled my the perspex over the rear lights imho. it looks tatty

looks good mate

Top work there mate! :o)

nice job mate:)

Nice! i like alot

what kinda of tail did you use in the after pics? and how difficult was it?

looks awesome!

hi im new ro this street fighter stuff. i got an rf 600 also and i waann do what u did to your cuz it looks damn good, could u please tell me what kind of seat did u use or did u mod your factory seat to get that shape