RF 600 Question

So sold my GPZ a little while ago and looking for a little stop gap bike until I can get the bike I want.

I’ve seen a little RF600 for sale 34’000 miles…

Any advice on these bikes? anyone owned one know anything I should look out for?

Does say that there is a fueling problem (know that could be a can of worms though)…

they are big heavy & errrr

get a thundercat

I think they have the same engine as a bandit, no? Big, heavy and slow as I understand. But if the price is right… I am currently looking at one also, at £600 it’d be worth it but much more, I’d rather opt for something not so space-ship-esque.

they are watercooled engine in note sure where from the gsf was a bandit engine

& they don’t like winters

they weren’t very popular because of the styling & they lacked midrange all the power was uptop

I had a go of one when they came out & wasn’t for me but im not keen on a 600 anyway

I also had a pop at the 900 wot an engine shame about the rest of the bike

like you say if the moneys right then as long as you can throw a leg over it the right price will make it worth it

but like I say the thundercat is from the same time & a better bike