Revolutionary bike 'too quiet' They will fit artificial noise to it!!!

How contradictory??? We have to shut our bikes and then this???

I would like to add a star trek ‘wooosh’ LOL

Theres are one or two things that the bike needs added to it well at least 130 I can think of and thats miles per hour. When bikes like that can do that sort of speed thats when I will switch, its not the noise thats exhilarating, its opening the throttle and passing some yuppie accountant in a porshe on his mobile phone and leaving him wondering where ya came from.

I got to disagree big time there.

For me, its the noise, the pulse of the engine, the control.

The idea a controlled explosion is propelling me, and I can control the power.

These cell bikes are like a fork lift, push and go, no fun at all (unless its got a lift at the front?)