we need one.

ive been thinking

i think with all the people we could habve a revomlk,tuion.

i was at pub and was looking at sad poeple, spending all moenysm, and going

“its really sucky thant poeople have spend so cmuch on thinkgs thrat are nice, like booze and petrol and motorbike”

if i wassdet he leader of wosrlfd, then motorbikes would be ocmpulsory.

and i would give cdars to prisoners, bjust to make them suffert in cages of dismay.

end of story.

night night my fellow lbers

i love each and every one of you!

yay, I’m not the only one writing posts while drunk :w00t:


bet ur hurtin right now :laugh:

you have no idea…



I usually go out and drink? :ermm:


It’s not big and it’s not clever :slight_smile:

yes well

i got home

after looking for “the waterpeople” down by the thames in twickenham, which ended up in my falling in the river

did my tingaling with the chica

then she went to bed,

and i carried on getting hammered

sorry LB!

something went wrong up there,
no boy of mine has ever ‘carried on’ anything after tingaling with me!
your chica needs to pick up her moves,

funny thread

stoopid, but funny


maybe, Alba, you could come round next time we’re at it and show her how its done :stuck_out_tongue:

Webcam compulsory;):smiley:

i fear alba would do things to me that no other girl ever could.

I fear that your fear might be correct. Alba looks to be a naughty girl :Whistling:

Much love Alba :kiss: :smiley:

I think you are right, some of us have witnessed her right hand at work and its pretty … handy. With all that latin attitude she would have you standing to attention, no problem…


my right hand, thats funny :laugh

its not what you do is how you do it :wink:

up to the elbows? :laugh:

gulp :pinch: