Revit Leathers

WHO knows? Which Dealership has a stock in store of REV’it leathers - being tall I need to try some on


Love Revit gear. They’ve always been kind to LB in the past as well.

Essex biker centre

Sportsbikeshop Reading. They should be able to tell you what’s in store or order stuff in for you to try. Or they did at the St Albans store when I was last in there.

Held leathers also come in a myriad of size variations for height and, umm, width and Urban Nomads in Ruislip carry a lot of their stock. They can also advise and order gear in to try.

I like their gear it’s decent quality and the price is reasonable.

Get Geared in Leatherhead sell them. You can check the availability of items & sizes on their website.

Sportsbikeshop don’t have a store in St Albans, there’s one in MK and there’s a J&S Accessories in St Albans, is that what you’re thinking of?

Must’ve been the MK one @Tromboman. It was somewhere very north of London, anyroads. Teeny weeny little shop but they has masses of stuff in the store room and not out on display that they were happy to get out to try on.

@Janey That sounds like Bike Stop, in Stevenage.

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