Returner to two wheels...HELLO!

I just thought I’d say hello!
Had my ZX7-R nicked last december so I thought I’d get a new bike THIS december… Picking up my 1997 Fireblade next week hopefully mmmmm
I’ve never really been a very sociable biker so this time I shall make more of an effort to come to meets and stuff, can’t wait to get back on 2 wheels!

I guess I should change my username to BLADEjago instead of NINJAjago now though…!

I’m 29 and live in Chiswick, which I have just learned, do not allow free motorcycle parking on my street without a permit like Wandsworth did…D’oh I miss SW london!

Hello & welcome to LB

Welcome to London Bikers! You won’t meet a better bunch of people…


Hi and welcome! :D:D

Hi and welcome. Big mistake leaving Kwaks behind :smiley: Q

welcome in, gotta say jagoblade poss sounds a tad better than t’other way round tho;
and if you;re wantin to be more sociable as you said see my ‘only following orders’ post :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

welcome to lb :slight_smile:


hope to see ya when you get the blade :slight_smile:

Haha I probably wouldn’t have left the big K but some dirty **** relieved me of it!

dont worry fella the blade is a great bike! picked a 98 plate up for a mate last month and although i found the riding position a bit intense (im a big lad) i can honestly say i enjoyed every second of the journey back