Retro games

Name your all time favorite games console games.

Mine has to be

Zelda link to the past - snes
Duck hunt - nes
Final fantasy 7 aps1
Mario kart double dash - game cube

Double Dragon - Arcade Version I know not a console but i spent so much time as a kid playing this! :slight_smile:

Michael Jackson - Megadrive you danced to kill people!
Final Fantasy VIII - Playstation 1
Tekken 2 - PS1
Grand Theft Auto Vice City - PS2
Thief 2 - PC


tekken and all the other fighting games:):):smiley:

Run N Gun - Ok not a console game afaik but still spent most hrs playing it
Mortal Kombat
Silent Hill 1
Syphon Filter
GTA1 (before liberty city)
Double Dragon on the Gameboy.

There are countless Mame games which I remember no names though… those were the best… happy days :slight_smile:

I still have Tekken on PS1 in the garage. Spent most of my first year at university playing that and mario kart on the SNES :smiley:

Its another how old do you feel thread . . . Keen . Roland on the ropes . Missile command . Altered beast . Lotus turbo challenge .
These days Cod and GTa .

Defender - Arcade ver
Mortal Kombat - Mega Drive
Tekken - PS
Grand Tourismo - PS
Wipeout - PS

Even loved Donkey kong & Mario series :laugh:

Actually… It’s a long list…:D:Wow:

mario Bros
Mortal Combat
I was crap at all exept mario and tetris.

Wipeout!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Streets of Rage - MegaDrive

Mortal Kombat - MedaDrive

De-Cap Attack - MegaDrive

Toe Jam & Earl - MegaDrive

My all time Retro Fav, Stunt Race FX - SNES :D:D (Probably a pile a crap to play now though!)

Road Rash of course! :smiley:

Megaman 2


I still remember the classic atari games

but actually I forgot my favourite game… shameful


lol, I still remember Binetone Tennis!

Oh yeah… :smiley:

But let’s not bring up the age thing cause I’m sure there are members here that thought video games were stone carvings

road rash - n64
goldeneye - n64
wrc rally - ps2
gta liberty city - ps2
nfsu - gamecube

Super r type Snes

Used to love that game

Showing my age here:

Pong - Atari

Star wars (1976) - Atari

Mars Lander - ZX Spectrum (The one with the rubber keys)