retarded gixer owner?

check this out…ad.php?t=323369

(HUD is Heads Up Display in case the jargon is lost on you)

wat am i looking for??

yer the link just leads to a home page


strange, copying the link appears to have truncated the showthread bit -

try this

i reckon the system did something with it? Weaver says this isn’t possible, but dont tell her I said, its the systems.

ok that was very very funny -

that guy had to be pulling everyone’s leg tho…


thats so funny i cant stop laughing, really cheered my day up

There’s a black-sheep in every family

You have to be having a laugh right!!! this guy has to be on a wind up!! but still made me chuckle

LMAO what a twat. lol funniest thing I read all day

typical gixxer rider though…thinks his bike has got everything…then still dont realise he is a plum…

Rather be a plum than a bogey