Resurgence of LPs

Compact disc manufacturers were worried about music industry plans to phase out CDs and bring back LPs.

Defending the threat to their livelihood, the CD manufacturers took their case to court, where the judge listened patiently to a lengthy debate about the relative merits of CDs and LPs.

After weighing up the various arguments, the judge ruled in favor of LPs.

The CD manufacturers were furious. “Do we have no right of appeal?” they demanded.

“I’m afraid not,” said their lawyer. “The judge’s decision is vinyl.”


Very good.

On a scale of recording media I rate that a C30 cassette.

In all seriousness, when I was a young copper in Aylesbury in the 70’s, CBS had a factory in the town and we were allowed to buy the current albums for 25p a pop.

My album collection really started thanks to CBS and I still have many of them (I also gave a lot away) along with quite a few singles, but I cannot believe the price of vinyl now.

I must be sitting on a fortune

Stil prefer the quality of vinyl over CD just a shame you can’t play vinyl in the car :wink:

Go on here to get a rough idea

There is also an app where you can scan the barcode which is easier, though not all barcodes are registered so you may need to manually search.