Three arrests today following a ‘Tracker’ activation on our patch…

I know you guys and gals are getting hammered in London so a bit of better news…

tracker fitted to a stolen Bike (R1)* activated and picked up coming down the M4 out of London…

managed to locate the immediate area but no bike in sight…

Three cars then all pointed to a large Horsebox so it got a tug…

Hey presto!

stolen R1 plus 4 other bikes all stolen and from the London area…

three individuals ‘helping’ with enquiries…

it’s a splash in an ocean but some of us out there are trying to do something to help…

warmed me cockles that did…


*identities changed to assist prosecution.


Are you some kind of police men or just knew about it?

Thats great tho were they still in good knick?

You might think that’s splash in the ocean but if they do that daily that’s probably 20-25 bikes a week. Thats a fair number of bikes staying put!

he he some kinda police man

Great result Porky, love it! Glad to hear the Trackers are working. Hopefully that’s a few people being reunited with their bikes now, god, they’ll be happy.

oops oh well it isnt GCSE’S no more

Trix you gotta start paying more attention

Quality Del, nice work - also to the Tracker guys too !

For you newbies, check this out from a few months ago.

And I wonder if they fitted any to Shakey’s bikes LoL

Top tug Pork There was a few HP in that horsebox then!

One up for Thames Valley’s finest!!!

Well done porky, and another success for the tracker. Great to hear of scum getting caught.

So, all thats left is the trip to court so the judge can let em free again.

Keep up da good work.

fan bloody tastic!


well done porky…chuffed to bits to hear that news…

very well done mate…

super smiled.

Top result Porkie, well done mate. That warm glow when you’ve nicked some scumbags for something tasty just can’t be beaten !

Excellent, good result! I bet the other three bikes didn’t have tracker in - we get that all the time, the most bikes found by one of them having tracker is 25, and for cars is 72 all in a warehouse by dover! Love it!

Nice one, hope they get their just deserts…

Well done on tugging them tho, bet there are a few chuffed owners out there now, top job

excellent news! well done.

At last, something for us to cheer on the bike theft front. Unfortunately, thats only 3 people helping with inquiries, don’t go getting complacent, there are many more scum out there that will have your bike away.

Top shout mate, any chance of a few of us “having a word” with them. Only asking for 10 min or so!!! Please