Restrictions on engines?

I heard that in future there may be restrictions for motorcycle manufacturers to reduce the engine size for road bikes so that we would be limited to only ride below a certain speed. This would probably mean the end of riding a superbike on the roads in the UK. I mean, what about all those turbo cars out there too?

There seems to be a “nanny society” presently. All I ever hear is Health & Safety… You can’t even board a train without hearing the usual …mind the gap! Does anyone purposely not mind the gap? I don’t know about you guys, but I really do not appreciate being treated like a moron or something.

I know they think they are doing it for the safety of everyone concerned but where will it stop? Why doesn’t the government just make us all ride bicycles and be done with it! (OMG, I hope the power’s that be don’t get any more bright ideas)

No wonder people are drilling holes in speed camera’s boxes and pumping them full of foam wall filler!

I think it would be a very sad day when we can’t be in control of our own destiny to the point that we can only ride on a track. (And that is not that cheap for some to do as often as you would like to) Does anyone think this would ever happen?

it will only affect new bikes from when its introduced if introduced at all - will apply to cars aswell!!