Restricting my bike

Hi guys,

I just got my A2 a week ago today, and I’m going to be getting an 02 sv650 in very short order. Anyone know of any decent garage who’ll fit the restrictors cheaply? I’m not interested in the FI certificate bullshit I’m buying the restrictor kid from ebay so I need just installation and maybe a quick service while they’re at it. I’ve never owned so much as a 50cc moped so my knowledge of garages is… well non-existent to be truthful.

Cheers guys!

Looking forward to going to a meet at some point!

Just mix petrol to water 5:1 to restrict it to 33bhp…

If west I would recommend Walton Road Garage. If more central OMC.


You BASTARD! I picked up the bike today and did that, and now it won’t start at all and it seems to be completely fu…

Buahaha good one though :smiley:

Any garages more in the tower hamlets/southwark/greenwich area? I’m not keen on DIYing my restriction at this early a stage.

IIRC, the 2002 SV is carbed, if so it’ll be a case of sliding back the airbox and slipping the restrictor plates in. piece of cake.

The mechanic at the OMC will show you how to do this easily. he’ll help you balance the carbs afterwards too to make sure it’s running sweetly

Oh brilliant so there’s always someone there? If so I might just go do it myself Wednesday evening then. 20-odd quid you can’t really refuse :slight_smile: How proficient do I need to be? or is it really just remove some bolts, open, drop washers in, bolt back together, e basta?

as long as you can turn a screwdriver and follow basic instructions you will be fine I didnt have any experience with bikes before I went down there and changed my fork seals, Matt keeps his explanations nice and simple for idiots like myself

Get yourself a haynes manual it will give you an idea of whats needed

I talked to the guy at the OMC today. Basically if I want to get it done before the weekend it’s going to have to be at a garage, and i’d be spending 3 hours or so at the OMC to do it myself, whereas a garage will charge me an hour’s labour (I already have the washers).

Cheers guys for the help. On to the next question: anyone know a cheap way to get a decent (won’t leak horribly) top box + mounting kit? I’m completely confused as to the options, and it seems that Givi has the market almost entirely cornered here

have any mates with a welding torch that could knock you up some plates?

Hi and welcome :smiley: