Restricting Bikes?

Is it possible to restrict any bike to a lower cc e.g. 600 to 125?

You can restrict the power using a kit, but to change the cc’s would require a different engine.

No. You can’t reduce the capacity of a bike (unless you change the engine).

If you mean can you reduce the power, ie for a restricted license then you can (for the most part) do it.

Wouldn’t reccomend it myself, all that weight and no power, not good in my book.

When I did my das a few years ago, one of the blokes doing it with me planned to ride a Blackbird restricted to 33hp!! Can’t think of anything more pointless/dangerous to ride.

ah yeh werent thinking of the power to weight, ill just have to wait!!

There used to be a firm in Ware called Joy Engineering who would fit sleeves and smaller pistons to 4 cylinder Hondas. They used to convert a lot of 400/4’s to 250cc when the learner limit was 250

I think they are now in Bishops Stortford

I seem to remember Russell Savoury doing something like that to make a 750 Fireblade many years ago too.

All very costly i would imagine, but it can be done.

Not necessarily a problem mate.

Last (before current one today) issue of MCN (yes I know), Micheal Neeves rode a restricted 33 BHP 07 GSX-R 600. He said it was great fun and still topped out at just over 100 MPH.

Suzuki are doing a deal at the moment where they supply the bike and a restricted 33 BHP ECU which can then be switched to full power when you’re 2 year wait is over on a restricted licence or when you are eligable to take the Direct Access test.

Its somewhere on here

cool!! thanks for that Afro Hope they keep the offer till im 17

wow, just love the gsx-r600 in black but I dont know if ill have 7k when im 17 lol ill start saving up now.