restricted licence

are you allowed to go to a track day with the restricted license or do you have to get some sort of other race license and what are they? thank you

I would guess licence is immaterial as long as all the various requirements the track is under are complied with regarding noise, insurance, safety and equipment are complied with. I know a 10 year old who regularly rides tracks atvery impressive speeds and he definitely has no licence!

Sure he doesn’t have a race license?

as from what i have heard that you need a track license if you dont have the full license so i am just wondering what kind of licence i would need if any so that 10years old must have some sort of licence to go on to the track

why not e mail focus events, as they run track days, they would be more aware of what you need try this

Tel: 0845 026 72 72
Email: [email protected]

I think anyone can get an ACU licence, you need to take a written test and pass a compentency course, MSV run courses so that you can get your ACU licence. but I guess you have to have some pace to get the licence?

I guess the ten year old must have some sort of race license then.

We’ve just booked a trackday for Mikes apprentice
You cant go to any MSV track and focused events wont allow you either.
We have just booked Donnington with Hottrax and their site says its absolutely fine…saying that I have just realised its a No Limits trackday and as the No Limits site says nothing about restricted licences, I have emailed them just to be sure.
I wouldnt risk hoping to get away with it as they have always checked my licence…hopefully mine will come back from the DVLA soon!

Its the MSV circuits that require you to have a full license. I did Mallory on a 33bhp CBF600 and had no problems!

Just got an email back from Hottrax confirming its okay for us to go to Donny…it is only MSV tracks that you need a full unrestricted licence.
And nothing with Focused Events…but they overcharge, overbook and cut short novice sessions (imo) even when its a crash in a different group that gets red flagged.