Restore or renovate? opinions required

as some of you know, I bought a TRX 850 recently with an eye to restoring it to factory. Was going to swap all the bodywork for plain white. This is what it looks like now:

and I was going to turn it into this: but then Matt from the OMC sent me this edurance racer style custom and it's got me thinking about how cool it would be. 

 Obviously the second option :slight_smile:

It looks f’king awesome.

Option 2 for me too

defo option 2!!

Option two


does it really matter it will never come to life :stuck_out_tongue:

Or remembering its Mian …
Option 3 and it remains as

Sorry i will say it how it is lol  endurance racer style looks so sweet omg i need that bike, And the all white one looks so boring… Yes go with two lol 

I am a fan of the yellow with black and white stripe though

yeah the speedblock is fab but the previous had already powdercoated the frame and wheels red before I bought it and they really don’t go together,

two for sure… 

just leaving these here for reference

something a little different

I think there’s more chance of seeing Mian on the road with this bike than the TRX…



Got to agree, the endurance racer is the danglies.

Big d has some r1 fairings for free that you could probably fabricate the seat unit to fit that frame

Endurance. it’s awesome, I’d love one.

I’d like to keep with the red theme, what do people think to this colour scheme? frame from black to red and engine from black to grey

Looks good to me dude.