Respraying fairing panels

Anyone used or know of good quality, cheap paint shop that can respray a couple/3 fairing panels?

Not immediate need but will be done when funds allow


Where abouts are you mate? I use a bloke in Hextable, Kent to do all my bodywork hes a perfectionist and his rates are reasonable

NK Bodyworks 07711 843049 - Nigel

In London, will give him a bell.


No worries - tell him that Mark with the VR6 gave u his details if he asks, he usually does cars and vans etc but will do anything really - hes even done a boat!

Seen some great work by these guys: they are in Redhill

There’s an awesome shop on North end road just south of West Kensington Tube station. Have a friend who used them and they were amazing quality and dirt cheap.

these guys are fantastic, did a great job on my Fazer a few years ago!

They are in Dagenham

Thanks for info, but can you give me a name and contact details?

Theses guys are in Edgware and done a sweet job on my friends bike for a decent price the company is: Odd Ball Racepaint - 07971065627 ask for Tony

Da Artist

Cheers for replies guys!