Respray - where to go?

Following on from Projects thread about fairing repairs, does anyone know of any good paint shops in London - preferably towards Hemel Hempstead so North London maybe.

Have a friend, after being a numpty and sticking his R1 in the kitty litter at Donny, who is looking for a respray. He’s thinking of going to the dark side and having the R1 done all in black.


The fairing repairers do resprays as well, or contract it out to a third-party if they’re unable to do so, so I’d have a look at the list of fairing repairers first. Kitty-litter sucks, big time!

Sudden Impact would get my vote, they do fairing repairs also. Seen their plastic welding and it is sooo sweet.

They are in Romford but have several vans so must do collections etc. talk to Russ and tell him Andrew with the red ZX-7R put you up.

Savoury… I know you want something in north london… There is this guy called Will @ One Off Designs… He does all the spraying for Mike @ mM9 Performance… His work is something to behold… Get in touch with Mike… I think he’s based in south London… Well worth looking into…

Sudden Impact for me. These guys are ****e hot at what they do. There Ducati approved too! Race paint and resprays are their staple diet. My Gxxer was repainted there and worth every penny. Check 'em out.

So how come they didn’t tattoo your bike with their logo, like they did mine?

Oh, and the ‘ped looks scorchin’