Hi folks,

Where in your opinions would be a good ‘cheap’ place to get complete fairings resprayed?


PM grimbusa, he should be able to help

Thats a bit of a contradiction really… The words “Good” and “Cheap” don’t often get used together when talking about paint jobs:Whistling:

Grimbusa aint cheap, well not when it comes to paint jobs anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

However he is good :wink:

I know someone and for a full respray he was talking about a grand.

I know someone who charges £125 per panel to respray cars so worth giving him a call. He is in Kings Langley Herts
Pm me for his mobile

But you came to me when you wanted your car bumper done for a fiver :hehe:

oh yes poor Frank R.I.P. can vouch for that…:slight_smile:

Did I? Did you quote me? The chap I mentioned sprayed my bumper for me, but he also does bikes.

No, I never quoted in the end. You just talked about it a lot :wink:

Do all year round roughy toughie riders have bumpers then?:Whistling:

I’ve got many vehicles… too many. If I want to get to work I could take a different one for every day of the week.

Same here, we are using the helicopter tomorrow ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Might be worth finding a local Bike Medic for a quote.