Resistance is futile!

- thats funny man.


Thats like my gf who is very petite but need all of the bed, how does that work ?

You’re desperate for snatch and she treats you like ****e. It’s happens a lot.

Do I need to explain more?


Quite the pool of philosophy, grasshopper

You missing us yet?

Hehehehe, whose the daddy?

Ahhh bless… pussy cats rule!!!

Cats always win!!well most of the time!!


Picture 115.jpg

Pete I love that one! njs71 that looks like a leg-lock mate! That cat is dummed!!!

Wicked! Cats rule! Anything that lazy with sharp teeth and claws gets my vote!

Are you shagging my ex?


I doubt he’d have the time and energy after his current ‘poke’.