Resident Bike Parking Bays

Hello all.

I park my bike in Ladbroke Grove and have been avoiding the resident bike parking bay since somebody mentioned that the traffic wardens will remove covers now to get at your number plate. Is this actually happening? There is never anybody in the resident parking bays at all. Completely empty and yet the other bays are always chocker and a bit of a nightmare. Just wondered whether anybody knew if covers are actually being removed (especially as my bike alarm would go off during the process of taking off the cover anyway.


They will lift the cover (at least once as they are usually covering the same area)
They will take your plate and give a ticket regardless of you have a parking permit or not (fail to display)
not working
taking the plate off does but that is opening a all new can of worms.
Not worth it.
Solution, move house and change job… :smiley: