Resession? what resession?

Spell check? what spell check? :slight_smile: But wow that’s enough for a ferrari with 4 wheels.

Quick wheres Pan witha ‘Re-Post’ link…:D:D:D

They are alwasy trying to flog that thing! :w00t:

Even if i had all the money in the world i wouldn’t buy that.

Hideous. Wouldn’t pay 5k for that!:crazy:

Man that is one seriously ugly, overpriced, unreliable (possibly) awful piece of poop. Just like most other Ferrari’s.

dude, my uncle has that new Ferrari California, trust, you wouldn’t say no if he gave it to you:D

Complete with the V5c? Yep I’d take it, flog it and buy something that I really like, and could afford to run. :slight_smile: