Required Desi Group For MayDay Run 2009

Hi Guys & Gals,

Before anyone gets of their high horse, this group is not just aimed at Asain Riders but is open to all. With so many Asain riders on the road there is no dedicated group so I thought that I would give it a go.

Just lookin for anyone who wants to ride.

If this thing takes off then will look into making this more official with organised events etc.

Anyone can PM me


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Nice intro :doze:

Thanks I Think!!:w00t:

Don’t want to offend anyone, Biking is now becoming popular with many Asians so why not have a group to share rides experiences etc.

You are welcome to join, might be a curry night soon if you are interested!!

Have you looked at

can’t view any pages on that website

Curry! now there’s something to be interested in!


Why cant Asian riders just join LB and enjoy biking with the rest of us??


We have them too!:cool:


Why do we have to segregate riders into ethnic groups ( this is offensive ) and a big step backwards.

LB is a very mixed group of riders united by their love of Bikes.

I’am glad no one suggested a Whites only group as the sh1t would have realy hit the fan and i know who would have been the first to complain. :slight_smile:

We even talk to V-twin owners now and again** :D:D

I can see what you mean about a step backwards but I cant see a problem with Asian riders wanting to start own group as its no different to any of the “owners clubs” out there, some of those groups wont even talk to you if you dont ride their make of motorcyle, I personally prefer this type of forum/group as we are all the same on here…were bikers and even on rideouts etc we dont all sit in our own little world, well I do but Im just weird :smiley: we all mingle and enjoy some good old banter, no matter where someone is from or what they ride :slight_smile:

Hi, I see this post has caused a little stir, which is not why this was suggested. The hole idea of the Asian Bikers Network is to invite more riders and yes the London Bikers Network is excellent it doesn’t meet this need. I ride with anyone but it is always nice to see Asians on bikes as biking is not really part of the Asian culture and I believe it should be.

This group is no different to the biker groups out there at the moment, and the post describing that owners with certain bikes don’t always talk to others who are different.

The aim is to have a cultural group with mixed level of riders from different backgrounds. Maybe I should have called it the chinese indian, sri lankan riders group… in order not to isolate anyone.

Sorry but I still don’t get it:Whistling:

I doubt you will find a more diverse group of riders than LB. There are members on here from all colours, creeds and religions. We even have a few who are believed to be from a different planet:D

Now Now calm down.

Like I said in the post this group is not meant to offend other cultures. The whole idea is to invite more Asian riders out on the road. Unless you don’t agree that is a good idea??

We all have the same motto “Having fun”. There is nothing wrong with having a dedicated group of Asian riders it makes new riders feel more comfortable that there are other riders out there from the same background, there aren’t many Asian riders out there and this is a way to connect.

Sorry for the ranting on but please try to see this from a different angle.:smiley:

You could always set up a dedicated site like the Polish guys have done, just ask Arnie.:slight_smile:

I really didn’t want to go down that route.

Okay, I was going to post on this thread last night but I thought I would see where it goes first. Now I’m posting.

You have chosen to put up this post on a very large and active forum. We at Londonbikers don’t discriminate and most certainly don’t look to single out different types of bikers, therefore we would like to ask you to not post up this kind of topic. We (kind of) understand what you are trying to do and suggest you don’t do it here. Seeing as you are new to Londonbikers, why don’t you attend a few of our meets and get to know people first :wink:

(Londonbikers moderator)

That is exactly what I was going to say as well

I reckon it would have been me! I find this whole thread offensive and outrageous. You (the thread starter, not TDJ) knew it would casue offence which is why you started the thread the way you did.