Requested by lustfish

Lustfish suggested I post pics of my bikes current home.

My brother (flatmate) really is not impressed…

Hope it’s been house-trained. I know older Triumphs do have a tendency to ‘mark their territory’…

What he forgot to mention is that the living room that the bike’s in is in a flat on the 19th floor!

How on earth do you get it tucked up nicely behind the dining room table?!


I move lots of furniture :slight_smile:

At least its just temporary until a few things are sorted out and it will move into its new more suitable home.

I think you need to re decorate to match the bike.

We will actually be doing the place up very soon, it’s been delayed because of an on-going battle with Lambeth Council (they have now started ignoring my letters and emails) and an insurance claim after we had water dripping in from the flat above to three rooms… it’s unlikely to match the bike though.

Great Idea Sam, and nice table BTW

oh id love to fit mine in the bedroom if i could, hehe

This is a family friendly thread so I can’t post the bedroom picks.

a bit slow due to being red but at least it is the right bike

red is actually faster

I like it 3zero3

A friend of mine always used to have a Britbike in his wardrobe.

amen hahaha

seems like the normal place to put the bike!!!

Don’t leave it in the house too long dude.

If there is a fire and it’s deemed to be caused by petrol or remains of the bike found, house insurance comp will stuff you.

It is a very temporary parking spot!