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just got a new radiator replaced after being knocked off. It seems like the garage forgot to fill the reserve tank and the radiator now smokes like dry ice when it’s raining (only ridden it in the rain today otherwise I’d not have guessed).

My local garage only sells de-ionised water which I’m going to mix with anti-freeze. According to the owners manual tap water is a no no. Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.



i might be missing something here but 99% of bikes steam when you’re sitting at lights and it’s raining. it’s the water hitting the exposed parts like your hot down pipes ect.

Thanks. Am totally new to this so learning from scratch.

Yes, I figured that might be the case. The temperature guage has not gone above the recommended limit (106). but it just seemed odd that there was SO much steam and coming only from the radiator (even though the radiator’s going to get most of the on coming rain!). Was surprised. Anyway, it was too dark to check the reserve when I got home so I’ll check it tomorrow before heading out.

Check the reservoir - also, there is probably a bleed nipple at the top of the engine, you may need to open this and let air out if the cooling system has been recently rebuilt.

Original question - de ionised or distilled?

For most practical purposes, e.g. cooling systems, bu**er all difference.

Tap water is a no no, particularly in London, because of the calcium/lime content.

Hi Guiliano

Yes, I’ll check. Thanks for taking the time.


Hi Oldguy

Top. Thanks for taking the time. No no to tap water.