Reporting for duty....

Hi guys Im a new rider been on the road couple months now, signed up few days ago thought i would say an official Hello, meet a few of ya up at BH Teahut.

Im on a Kaisar XTR 125 (copy of the CBR 125) had a little off at elephant a castle just pulling away from light and turning the corner at walking pace, done a lil lifesaver as i locked back forwards the car in front slammed the breaks on and I snatched the front break and the bike just it the deck :pinch:

No damage really just the front break leaver

Since then no real problems keeping it rubber side down.

Welcome To LB :slight_smile:

Alright mate.

Live near e&c myself, quite a fun junction that is

Hi & Welcome to LB Son , ( yes hes my eldest Lad ) :smiley:

Have fun n ride safe

welcome cam and ride safe on bumblebee XD

Hi Cam & welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks guys will do…

Ross that sounds so jokes haha…

Yh it i find it good fun riding through elephant, much nicer since the roundabout has been changed.


Welcome from you local friendly (and a quote you on this) “Hulk”.

Hope you’re good dude.

Don’t worry about the offs, as they WILL happen. I dropped Yasmin once tonight and nearly stacked it pulling away from tea hut tonight.

Not another one:D, welcome to LB:)

Thanks for all the kind words guys…