Report from Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 7th September 2005 with Focussed Events

Brands Hatch Indy Circuit Evening Session on 7th September 2005 with Focussed Events

Well what a day, had been lovely and sunny all day long. I had a massive chill out day before attending Brands, was so chilled I was not really in the mood for it at all. Beating myself up mentally trying to get in tune. Got there about 15:45 and unloaded the SV and set up camp in the garage. Soon had a few of the Boxhill crew in the garage as well.

Went to sign on, I had been put into the fast group when I booked beginners. You may find it strange that I was in the beginners but I was actually down at the circuit to help a friend out, he wanted some confidence building lessons at the circuit. Despite my protestations and ranting they would not move me. I was seriously peed off which was not helping me get my head into gear for going round the circuit.

Well we had the briefing, stressing the dangers and all that, as usual. This time it was so better organised than the last evening session we had. They had yellow jackets available for the first timers. They had cones in place in the pit lane to separate the bikes. The main thing I would question, why have only one instructor?

Well the novices went out first, must have been over thirty of them. I watched the three sighting laps, virtually everyone was on the wrong line for the indy circuit. Usual story of the instructor being on the correct line, the person behind slightly out, next more so etc. By the time you have got back 10 it’s pretty pointless really. Anyway, they came in after there three laps before being unleashed proper. Was good to see the gang circulating, looking good out there, even the first timers!

Well it was my turn to rumble. Tyre warmers off, paddock stands disposed of, sound of thunder as the bike fired up. Still not in the mood for this though, but, what the heck, give it a go. Did three sighting laps, back in and let loose. I went out nearly last for this, going through the motions really, not putting the usual effort in. Still had a fairly good run but even after 20 minutes I was still not mentally on the plot.

Next session, was more pumped now, adrenaline starting to kick in. Off I went, was having a good time after a few laps. Caught up with someone that I know, Steve who runs Brands Hatch performance. This year he is racing a Mille in the sound of thunder series. Well I caught him up, I think seeing him ahead was the incentive I needed for my wake up call. Spent a couple of laps following and then finally made a pass, which I managed to stick on him. A little way ahead was an ex colleague of mine, again he is running in the sound of thunder class this year, on a Triumph 955. Followed for 2 laps, tried to duck underneath at clearways, but had the door shut on me, that bike has way too much grunt against the SV down the straight. Decided on a risky manoeuvre on the way through Surtees, poetry in motion. Stuck it round the outside and dived way late on the brakes through Mclarens. Expected him to come back at me down the start finish but had managed to gap enough to stop it happening. Steadily pulled away before the session end. Came in, sweating buckets but very happy. Now completely focussed on the job in hand and having a ball. There was another SV race trim bike running that I had overtaken. Didn’t catch the guys name but he came and checked out my machine after the session. He is going to race in the same class next year, it’s getting very popular this mini twin racing.

Next session, managed to go out at the front, my two race mates behind, guy on the other SV behind them. Got my first warning for close overtaking! Thought I was going to be in for a real hum dinger with those two behind me. Being racers on bigger bikes they weren’t going to be happy with an SV ragging them out. But it did not materialise. When I finished the first lap there were still people coming out of the pits. Well I was way on the plot now, overtaking round the outside at Paddock Hill, Surtees and Clearways. Ducking underneath people into Druids and Graham Hill Bend. I was having a ball. I managed to lap the guy with the SV, he was trying hard, he had sparks coming off the exhaust round clearways when I went underneath him. Session over, in I came, dripping even more.

Managed to get a fourth session in, another warning for close overtaking. Had to change lids due to the twilight conditions, clear visor required instead of the black one. Poxy Shoei I had on kept steaming up and I had to have it open a bit. Had another great session. Sticking it over some serious kit that was out there. Session over, in I came, exhausted but elated.

An observer had unofficially been timing me running 54 second laps. That’s 2 secs up on what I have managed before, things are going well. Roll on race season, I just can not wait for it now.

When I checked the bike over afterwards, I found loads more damage to the fairing. I had scraped it from about half way down this time and completely ground through my previous repair. That is one thing I really need to cure over the winter, reworked exhaust pipes and narrower fairing.

I went and found the two racers that I knew afterwards, just to catch up. More than complimentary about my riding other than the Triumph guy who said his wife was not happy with me, she was out there riding a CBR 600 apparently and thought I had chopped her up. Well if it happened, it was not deliberate. Steve reckons if I ride like that next season I should be top ten finishing. He used to be a good racer and his son has been champion of Brands so I trust his judgement.

‘The Chuffster’

Brilliant report Chuffster, as always! Man, I had a prior engagement so couldn’t come, but was sorely tempted! Sounds like you had a blast. Kind of glad I didn’t go, as you’d no doubt be lapping me! I think these reports can prove useful for trackday organisers, I might research into a way of focusing these reports and making them available to event organisers.

Chuffster, mate! You make me want to do Brands again. you should have a pen camera fitted on your bike mate, I would love to read this report and see the video of it!

well done

Cezar, if I could find a sensible way of mounting my camera system on the sv I would. There is just nowhere to put it really. I shall try and work something out for next time it rolls, that may not be until next year though now. Perhaps on your mechanics course they can teach you how to make a bracket to hold it all in place out of the way.

Calm down mate! I have too much to learn first! eheheheheh! If i’m not wrong my friend Guy Cooper had his camera under the seat, well wrapped and sealed supported by a home made fiberglass bracket and then using a remote control he could activate the camera on and off!

He also had a power adaptor linked to his bike battery supplying the camera, one of those car cigarrete lighter, if you know which one I mean.

Then one pen camera on the front and one in the back. The only pain is to remove it and change the tape. Takes a bit of time but did work!

Did it make any sense to you?

Cezar, I am totally calm again - chilled from yesterday!

If you check my website and the pictures of my camera system I think you will find that I have the same one as your friend. My problem is, I have nowhere to put the video cam or the wires and power box etc. I Have a single seat unit with foam cushion and no tray or anything under it. So if someone wants to fabricate me some kind of box effort that I can gain access to I will mount up the camera on the SV and hopefully give many of you a view from an SV stuffing big bikes on the track.