Replacing my Warhorse

Hi fellow motorycle nutcases :wink: - i’d appreciate your opinions on what I should get for my next bike as my SVthou was assassinated by a cager.I’m looking for a used Warhorse + Workhorse for 3 grand tops. The bike will need to be good on the motorway but capable of hacking effectively through central London traffic - it will be parked up in various central London bike bays so it shouldn’t be a thief magnet (it probably won’t be anyway as it will be an outdated used bike).

The bike should be easy and quick to service at home and not too expensive to run (e.g. tyres, chains etc.)

The obvious choices are:

1200 Bandit

Fazer 1000 (old shape)

Hornet 900

Kawasaki Z750

CBR 600 (2001 - 2003)

On the other hand I’m sick of going for the obvious option - would it be silly to consider the odd wild-card bike like:

Kawasaki ZX12r (I know - it’s heavy on tyres and chains - but if i’m in commute mode it shouldn’t be too expensive to run)

GSXr 600/750 (2001-2003)

Fireblade (2001-2003)

Kawasaki Z1000 (old shape)

Kawasaki ZX6R (636) (2004 model)

Would the second lot of bikes cost considerably more to run, be more of a pain to service, be more likely to get nicked and be a bit of an extra handful riding in crap weather (wet/icy roads etc) - e.g. to the point where getting one would be a mistake? I know it all ultimately boils down to personal opinion - but i’d like to hear what you think. :wink:

dont know much about costs and time to service but from that list id go for the Hornet900!

love the rear end with the dual can! also not that many around so will be unique… :ermm: on second thoughts that might not be what you want…

Why not get another SV1000?

The fireblade I reckon might be a very good choice, speak to roadrunner, he just got a 2000/1 model I think. I had a seat on it and it was very comfortable, I think the era you are talking about is when the calmed down the fb and made it more of a sports tourer, but as anyone knows, they still would go like the brown stuff if the rider wanted to.

Might be better to avoid the first Fuel Injected ones (2000 and new shape).

TBH, the Fazer thou is probably the best for what you want.
Fast, comfy, smooooth (in fact it’s the smoothness that puts me off it) andeasy to ride quickly.

Did anyone else have to take a second glance at the title, I read it as Replacing my whorehouse!!! lol :hehe:

Better get down to Specsavers before you get into any trouble:)

Down to personal preference I think!

This is my Gsxr’s 2nd winter, not had 1 problem with it so far apart from the usual serviceable bits n peices - I love it to bits, I ride it almost everyday & it still looks good for the mileage :slight_smile:

Servicing is pretty easy to do yourself, just a bit if a pain in the backside with fairing clips and stuff but once their off its straight forward - I cant compare it to anything else of the same size as this is my 1st big bike, it does it all for me really.

With your budget in mind you could find an early (2003) Tuono this time of year;)

Failing that a Gixxer 750 does everything you need in spades;)

Hey Sid,

I can saythat I have been told that it’s pointless having a Hornet 900 as the 6 is nearly as powerful and more fun and less thirsty. Came from my instructor who’s done a lot of riding and spoken to a whole heap of riders so must be something in it. Having said that, you’d think it would be a bit more fun.

I fancy a Speed Triple but can’t afford it.

Looks like it’s just you so far babe!


Ok, just me!! :Whistling:

Not so sure this is especially Motorway friendly, but sure would be different:

Just about everyone has so far has suggested something different. Go with the one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy!!

Sorry i kept on looking at KTMs and found this, which is actually not that stupid, my mate has one and I was amazed how easy it was to cruise a Motorway (ahem!) speeds.

not sure if it counts for much at all, but i’ve grown to love my firestorm really quickly. solidity and beefiness for the long trips, speed while in traffic. peanut sized petrol tank though. that said they’re not too pricey, especially as i found and i’m sure everyone knows, once you get out of london.

Thanks for the replies folks! Fantastic to be able to get your fix on this subject.

  • great bike and fulfills all the criteria Johnse1 mate - but I did nearly 40k on my last one and fancy a change!

Thanks Elad - i’ve always wanted to try the blade.

Yep - the bike I SHOULD go for - but I’m feeling unconventional at the moment :slight_smile:

Encouraged to hear that this is your everyday transport Mark - I’m definitely thinking of going down the older sportsbike route (blade/gixxer) rather than the sensible option - I guess an older blade/gixxer will be less likely to get nicked as well.

Thanks for throwing the tuono into the mix Chunks - the gixxer 750 is getting very appealing after these endorsements :slight_smile:

Heard this too Alta and think it’s spot on - Sorry pan :slight_smile:

It’ll be one of the ‘wild-cards’ then! :smiley:

KTM 950 is an awesome bike poldark mate - I’ve ridden my bro-in-laws 950 - bit worried it’s a bit of a thief magnet though.

Nice bike Alistair - thanks for reminding me i’ll take a look at some :slight_smile:

Whoops you gotta point there, I was gettin a bit carried away as I’ve always had a little hankering for once meself!!

All this has got me interested in a Gixer 750. Quite fancy one in addition to my bandit.

Am I a bad man???

Not just you. I get the same thing every time I look at the Carphone Whorehouse signs. But then again I am a Numpty!