Replacing Crankcase cover??????

Please could some of you helpfull Chaps let me know:

Is it easy to change the crankcase cover on a 2001 R6 left hand side ? (as your sat on it) and what does it involve?

Cheers All.




Off the top of my head a 5mm allen key and a new gasket.

nice 1. Do i have to drain and replace the oil?



Sleep a little hard to come by Matt?

Yes, but booze wasn’t Damn my head hurts this morning

If you lean the bike over in the opposite direction to the cover, the oil should stay in the bike while you change the cover.

Ditto to chuffsters advise would suggest an old mattress on floor to protect bike.

Or take the side fairing off and use a axle stand with something soft (piece of pine, or thick rubber) against the frame.

Or a tyre. Done this before, with an R6 as well. Removing the cover is easy, undo the bolts, but when you take it off, the magnet of the alternator will pull the cover back on, so you may need to carefully use some flat-head screwdrivers to pry the cover off carefully, using your hands alone might not be enough. Did I say to be careful not to damage anything when prying?

Thankyou all for your Help.

I think i`ll give the Sledge Hammer a miss though. But if i was told that 2 days ago i would be more than happy to batter the sh*t out of it!!