Replacing chain

Hey, my chain is kinky so replacing it this weekend (CBF125.) I’ve got the parts, tools and read the haynes manual numerious times - any gotcha’s or helpful hints for this job?

If you’re unsure rent a bike ramp here and if you need any advice or hints then Matt is on hand to help you. Plus they have all the tools to do most jobs all included in the price :slight_smile:

Generally, slacken the front and rear sprocket nuts before removing the chain, and once you’ve split the old chain use the new joining link to attach the new one onto the end to pull the chain through. There’ll be a washer behind the nut holding the front sprocket on, and it’ll have been bent over one of the spanner flats on the nut. This is normal and intentional (it stops the nut coming undone). Nothing’s reverse-threaded.

Other than that, it’s fairly simple, and I’m sure the Haynes manual explains it relatively well.