Replacement mirrors with integrated indicators/sidelights

Has anyone seen aftermarket mirrors with indicators and possibly side lights integrated into them?  Thinking of replacing the mirrors of the KTM to give a better presence on the road.

Ebay have them for GSXR’s and stuff but pretty sure they are only Indicators not side lights too

edit, found them-…

The mirrors are bar mounted not fairing mounted:

Then No, not seen any. What about the cheaper option…

I was going to put these on my Handle Bar Gaurds, I’m pretty sure if you wire them to a different relay you can have them so they are on perminently (like DRL’s) and flash when used with the Indicators

i read on a forum someone used these are the stem of the mirrors. No idea how they got on, but I saved the link just in case.…

That’s Gavin, but that link is broken.  :frowning:

struggling to post them from my phone. Hopefullytthis one works.

Thats better :slight_smile:

Seems like same LED’s, just 8 times cheaper and without mounting bracket Ebay

Built in turn signals in mirrors Ebay