Replacement Key



Need to get a replacement ignition key for a Honda NC750 (2014 plate) as mine is about to snap in half!

Any ideas if there is a mobile service that can provide this covering London as I don’t want to put the key in the ignition and have it snap!

Appreciate any advice



If you don’t have the red key for your bike to programme the chip in a new key, you’ll struggle to find anyone. I suggest you call your local Honda dealer and ask their advice.


As Mian says I’d call the dealer first. They told me that if I lost both keys that it’s not an easy task to make copies.


Just out of curiosity - IF i attempt to put the key in the ignition and it does break, would it still work to get me home. I know it will be a pain to remove the barrel but at least i’ll be at home.



I believe the HISS chip is in the black or red handle of the key, this needs to be held near the barrel to disable the immobiliser while the bike is running.


Cheers, sellotape and string to hand so will have a go - fingers crossed !


You can buy a BLANK replacement key from e-bay ( chinese usually). with a space in it for a transponder. then you can take to get the key cut. or you can just tape the top of the broken key to your new key. cheapest fix. I think it is about £150 from main dealer to supply a cut key and program it in.


Thanks. Managed to get home but broken part of key seems to be pushed further down the barrel now. SOS Motorcycle Recovery called but after looking said they couldn’t help as key too far down. Looks like a locksmith job (not many doing key extractions) or Honda garage (expensive) job now.!!! Bloody bikes !