Replacement Fairings -

Hey people, following on from binning my bike a while ago I’m in the process of finally getting it back on the road. Insurance paid out and I decided that the money they wanted for me to buy it back was too good to pass up. I may live to regret this descion, but if the worst comes to the worst I’ll have a track day bike and something for the road!!!

So far it looks like the mechanical damage is just the forks and the rear subframe and that is being sorted out as I type. The rest is all cosmetic and Fleabay has certainly been my friend so far in the form of rear lights, headlight (what a pain that was to find for a 2001 CBR 600 FS) and some other little bits and pieces. I was hoping that a friend of a friend who had a complete fairing kit was going to save me a stack of cash, turns out that the fairing kit was actually about 5 different shades of red and lots of scratches as it was stored badly. So I’m on the look out for a complete set for said CBR and Fleabay has not been my friend in this instance!
I have seen a nice Movistar replica kit at which I can afford. Looking through various forums though there is not a huge amount of feedback on them other than on ducatisti which a few people seem to rave about the fit and quality at £400 odd for a complete set.

Anyone else ordered anything from them or recommend other companies? Looked at the Chinese fairing stuff on Fleabay and there seems to be huge differences of opinon. I know that Motocc also source from there but seems like they have some control on quality etc.