Replacement Body Parts

Hi there,

I just wanted t find out if you would be interested in replacement body parts for your bikes? I can provide good fiber glass body parts for a very good price. I am sure quality is good cause I did not have any kind of problem.
It has all details done all mounting spots are done and well we sell it successfully all over the Europe.

Well I am looking for new market and it happens I do live right now in London thats why I am here :slight_smile: Would be great guyz and girlz :stuck_out_tongue: if you could lead me where should I start or maybe any of you is looking for something?? Anyway just let me know and we will be in touch… Price is really good to compare it with what you have ona market so it is worth to check it… Best to all you can always give me a call 07424796221 Lukas

Can I have a mould of my third leg?

Hey Lukas, can you repair old cracked and scarred farings?
Also can you colour match cos its quite specific?
If you can, you could be just the dude I’m looking for…PM me mate

I need a new bell end as mine is worn out? Can this be done? Tennis ball size?

Heh I can provide with new replacement parts not for human body… but it might be an idea :stuck_out_tongue: We got preety huge range of choice… write me on PM if you got a question…take care all