Replaced Camera A3 S/bound Putney Vale?

This is heading southbound and it the camera past the Asda and Petrol Station. It seems bigger than the Gatso that used to be there and it’s been repositioned with new lines on the road.

Only saw it quickly the other day just curious about what type it is…

I don’t know what it is but it is obviously a new type of speed camera. It appears that someone has painted the lines heading in the wrong direction though!

they’re an nice extra early warning:D because the camera is not Hi Viz.

Yup spotted that at the weekend. Maybe it’s super reinforced & fire proof as the good captain and his devoted followers have been quite active necklacing in the last 6 months or so along the A3 and the one on the Leatherhead Road at Maldon Rushett.

There has also been a mobile van on the A3 northbound a bit further south. As the limit changes from nsl to 50 and you pass the gatso, they wait under the first bridge you come to.

That’s always been a favourite place for them to occasionaly hide. I hope that it’s forward facing only, but sometimes try to keep to the far left to see them early then move right & slow down if they are.

What a pointless waste of money that illuminated warning sign is before that first gatso. I assume it’s only lit when there’s a car exceeding 50, but I’ve never seen it not lit up & everyone must know or be able to see the gatso so they don’t slow down until they reach it.

A few times I’ve spotted them in the parallel side road by the houses as you get to the Robin Hood.

I wish they were on the road and paying attention to the bozo’s who hog the right hand lane and drive at under 50. And refuse to move over. You can always see a big line of traffic behind them. I’ve often found that the “slow” lane 1 is the fastest and least clogged up lane!.

"A few times i’ve spotted them in the parallel side road by the houses as you get to the Robin Hood. "They were in the layby before robin hood, just b4 the shops and footbridge yesterday where it goes from 50 to 40. Not a camera van, but two traffic cops, one standing with the hairdryer pointed back up the A3. I know its forward facing but i dare say they’d be after you quick if you were well over the limit so be aware.Isn’t it amazing how you never see cops out manning speedtraps when its freezing and pissing down, they all come out of the woodwork when it gets warmer.

I hope it is only forward facing too-I went throught it a fair bit quicker than 50 a few weekends ago :frowning:

The new camera that prompted this thread is discussed here -

Thanks for posting that, interesting reading. Hmmmmm…

It still dont give us an answer though.But anyway, what is there to know??? You pass the poxy thing at 40, then straight back on the gas. Job done.

Just found this:

Well at least it’s getting a little clearer…:crazy:

Saw a car there a few days ago, just in time!

one of these carmera systems with ANPR has a sign that tells you your speed but also flashes up with your number plate is on the A316 heading towards Richmond, 100 meters before the Kew roundabout. It is forward facing so will only works on front number plates. There is no speed camera associated with it, but there is one facing in the opposite direction by the Pelican crossing so this could be turned round to catch bikes presumably if they start getting people regularly speeding here.

I was watching somethign about multi-occupancy lanes this morning, and the equipment they were testing to identify vehicles carrying passengers looked very like the black square thing on the first post.

The camera has been repositioned so the trial continues - I thought someone had knobbled it but it’s now facing forwards.

The pistonheads thread has a news article about this camera on now.

Official SCP response is:

“The new camera is called a MultiRadar S780 and we are trialling it on behalf of the manufacturers. It will not be used until successful trials have been carried out and it receives type approval from the government.
The benefit of this camera is that it is digital and the pictures of offenders can be transferred straight to the ticket office. Our cameras currently use wet film, which means an operator has to physically take the cassette out and have it developed before it is manually viewed! And what’s more, wet film will seize to exist in a few years time.
It can cover both lanes, but only one direction at a time, although the head can swivel. The two poles either side are for flashes.
It is not fully installed yet. When it is installed, it will be yellow and point either north or south.
Even after the trials it’s not certain we’ll use this system as there are several more digital cameras being developed and trialled elsewhere. However, we hope to start using digital cameras with the next year.
Hope that answers your query?”

Camera is also on test on the A24 West Grinstead and is made by more commonly known in the UK as Traffipax.

The other day I saw technitians workign on the A3 camera - not sure what they were oing but it looked like they were adding equipment to the Nortmost mast. NB - they were not the usual wet camera guys but were in jeans and no-hiz