Repairing a fairing.....

Hi all,

Had in incident in Carshalton where a 2" strap was tied from pillar to post across a road…luckily I saw it last minute and jumped off my bike before it took my head off (thought of going through it at one point).

However, now my fairing is broken (along with a bruised ego) and been looking on e-bay £80 is the cheapest I can find…

Came across this link on youtube

However, cannot seem to find this product in the UK…E-mail the head office in USA no reply…Stuff look really good…but where to find it…looked high and low…

Any suggestions/ideas/offers/help to repair it? … Pic to follow…


give it a go if ur adventurous. worst case scenario you gotta get a new fairing anyway :slight_smile:

Someone put a strap across the road?


He sounds like Kevin from the (US) office…

Anyway it looks like just fibreglass to me, you’d be able to do as good a job with car filler…if there’s any vibration or bending stress on the area it is highly likely to crack though.

It’s alot of effort and has hardly any strength. Youll find it’ll look fine until you fit it go for a ride and hit a pot hole crack you’ll need to fill it again.

Just take the hit in the wallet and get another one for no hassle and longer lasting.

But if you still want to just buy yourself fibre glass kit from halfords

use 2pack filler, isopon or ronseal etc, give it the pva and water after to seal it off then respray it…?