Repair for fairings

£400+ for new ones…ouch!

So, anyone know of a reliable place - SW London - for cheap repairs to fairings? No cracks - but 2 x a 6 inch by 1 inch massive load of scrathings / scuffs…

Would prob need filing down and repainting - am no expect though - just after somewhere to go and see what they say / cost really.


I’d bite the bullet and buy new ones, painted ones never look right, IMO :smiley:

yeh a decent bodywork shop can fix that all up like new. know a couple in hampshire but none up here. just a case of finding a good place to get it done and you could be looking a 50-150 for it done.

50-150 quid?! Is this if they let the work experience kid do it?

Hours of work plus fibreglass/filler and paint…to get it right I’d think at least 250

that what it cost to do the top fairing on my ZXR about 4 years ago. 140 for plastic wel, filler and spray in southampton.

i dont know what the price of bacon is to be exact

to save further money you could sand it down, filler it and primer the whole panel than give it to them, that bid isnt difficult its just time consuming and is **** annoying unless you are zen at it.

Any bodyshop will make light work of the damage…air sanders etc. I was quoted 360 Euro to paint all plastics on a ZZR600 including a fair few repairs.
Its easy enough to do yourself if you hire the equipment.

bit of a trek but Raptor Superbikes did some repairs on some panels for me recently and they didn’t cost the earth whilst looking fine. Time will tell how they last but first impressions are good.

Raptor Superbikes? Googled them and nothing came up - any ideas of contact details?


He might have meant ???

You could buy a whole new fairing set including shipping from Hong Kong for I think less than that amount.

A mate just bought a set…It arrived 4 days after payment…Was packaged like it had been done by the military (wood re-enforcements for the cardboard packaging), and I have to say the paint quality is like or even perhaps better than factory.

His bike now looks like a factory Kawasaki ZX-RR that Shinya Nakano used to ride (when Kawasaki were still able to get podiums in MotoGP :wink: ). He does many other kits though.

If you want the details, I’ll PM you the Hong Kong guy’s email address. He trades through ebay, but I don’t know his ebay user name.

Sorry yes that was exactly who I meant!!!

Please - I did check ebay - but might have missed him.
Thx for the replies guys

Jay told me that those Chinese fairing set is fitted on his bike and it’s look good. Well, not my colour liking (sorry Jay) but they look solid and decent. What is that fairings fella email?

Seen this ad on Ebay worth a try they do alsorts even repsol for blackbird same price :slight_smile:

Or even Rizla for hayabusa !!!

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