does anyone know if there are dealers in london that a can take my bike and get renthals fitted,I would like to get the bars from them aswell.Any help

What bike mate?

They take 10 minutes to fit! Get some hairspray and have at it :smiley:

I will cock it up,its for an xj6.

order the one u like from Renthal and have it posted to OMC. then be a man and learn how to fit it! :wink:

2 bolts and some hairspray, nigh on impossible to cock up IMO!

You’re welcome to get some and come round and I’ll show you how to fit them though, they’re on ebay for 6 quid ish…

Aha, just seen you want the flat bars too! That might be harder depending on how they would fit and how long your existing cables are…