Renthal Hard Anodised Gold Sprocket

Found a post on the SV forums about these sprockets getting CHEWED UP!
Seriously, check out the pictures!

looks legit to me XD

i got 3 quarters of the way to brighton first day on my dt and my front sprocket started slipping i went to wemoto and bought a new one when i got home this is what it was like

thats a JT ross, i use those, without problems?

i changed my C+S the other day, my old front sprocket had hooked a bit, a sign the chain had been to tight at some point? 12k tho on original chain so maybe it wasnt me? as i have only had it from 8k.

I’d prefer steel over alloy too, seems an obvious a choice really.

I also check the condition of the sprockets from time to time, part of the chain maintenance thing when the chain lube comes out every 500 miles or so. Why is nobody quoting any mileages on these worn out components, makes any valid comparison impossible.

id Imagen its just been on there to long lol

And the problem with the cheaper steel sprockets is what?

If you want to save a few grams of weight, skip breakfast, take a dump.