Renthal Grips

Got a few sets of renthal grips for sale

4 x 130mm firm compound

1 x 130mm medium compound

There going for £6 a set collected,

£7 standerd post

& £7.50 recorded post.

Collection from SM5


no good without pictures,:Phow much grip thay got left on them:)

im sure you know what renthal grips look like :smiley:

And there all brand new mate!!

damn, after some dual compound… can live with the £4 loss though :laugh:

How much posted to Barcelona?

Bagsy the mediums.

Forgot to mention, the postage to barca is way too much so there still available!!

BTW Barça is the football team, Barna is the city :wink:

You know what i ment G :wink:

Yea, just being pedantic/ helping people to get things right (depends how you look at it :wink: ).

Do you have access to a pair of those Motrax (or similar) alu convex bar end mirrors to use on my Husky?
If so, how much?

what exactly is the difrence from the compound i want some new ones for my dt 125 but not sure what ones to get XD

The softer the compound, the better the grip, but the quicker they wear.