Renthal Grips

Just got my new grips in today. I’m going to put them on Sunday morning so i can have a bit of day light. I’ve heard a can of compressed air is the best way to get them on and off? Anything i should know before i get started?

I always spray the inside with hair spray to get them on, once it dries they stick OK


I never had you down as a hairspray user :stuck_out_tongue:

I use wd40, slide off and on easy, and when it drys the glue resticks :slight_smile:

I had to revert to hair spray when you caused a hair gel shortage;):smiley:

There’s no gel shortage. Check my bathroom cabinet :satisfied::stuck_out_tongue:

I suspect your bathroom cabinet is much like ours… full of newly aquired Brook Green Goodies;):smiley:

:Whistling: Maybe

Iv always put them on without anything except gule on the non throttle side.

The throttle is such a tight fit it doesnt need any glue

Thanks for the help guys!:stuck_out_tongue: I ended up cutting the old ones off since i couldn’t be bothered with struggeling with them on a Sunday morning. To my suprise the hair spray did work a treat. I’ll keep that last bit to myself though my fiance will think i’ve gone loopy.:hehe:

I bet you thought the Hairspray thing was a wind up;):smiley: