Rental prices

Not much to do with bikes so aplogies

I have only lived down here for about 18 months or so and at the moment am living in reasonably priced keyworker housing. Trouble is it’s only a studio flat and my man is gonna be moving in with me at some point in the not too distsant future. Have looked at prices of one bedroomed flats around the Harrow area and they seem to average at about 750 to 800 quid a month. Is this standard for the whole of London or are some areas cheaper than others?

When I lived in Blackpool I paid £480 a month for a 3 bedroomed semi detached house with conservatory, front and back garden and a garage!!! Plus there were 3 of us living there so I only paid a 3rd of that!! Ahh well, it’s warmer down here

defo not standard for London… i live in the wharf and a one bed here can cost anywhere from 220 per week up… a friend pays £300 a week for a one bed… ok underground parking, a gym and a pool, stunning views … but still…

the last place i stayed in was £1000 pm but two beds, two baths, underground parking, gym and porter (they are invaluable - i really miss those guys!) also opposite a station…

good luck on the search… when i first moved to London, i found a house share for £400 pm my first day here through and it was two mins away from the station in Wimbledon…sharing is good, but then i share with my baby bro and cousin

the other website we used was

worth a look… depends on where you work and want to stay… we were lucky in that the house we are now in was just about to be put on market and for me i get to walk to work alongside the canals… loving it…

good luck with the moving as well… aargh - still havent unpacked those last two boxes…

Hope you’ve looked in Loot, that’s where I found the two places I rented in the big smoke.

To get cheaper, you must move outside the M25. If you get somewhere with a good rail connection it might be worth a look - assuming you’ll be commuting every day?

Mate has just rented a tiny one and a half bed semi in Chislehurst (Kent) for £900 per month, bonkers.

I’m in a decent two bed flat with garage out in the sticks for significantly less than that!

But I don’t need to go into the smoke very often

Wow, I’ve got a bargain: £980pcm for a one bed flat bang in the middle of Chelsea. I’m paying £220 a week, but the market rate is £375 pw. And I don’t even have to sleep with the landlord!

Thanks for the replies guys, dont really want to go down the sharing route. done that for years and like having my own place. Looks like I will be staying in my ickle studio flat for the time being

Rent money is silly isnt it! How do you lot afford it all! I am on temp worker wages and couldnt afford to rent a cardboard box! I am going to be living at home till I am 40 at this rate!

Got three bed semi with garden n garage for less than 500 a mnth mortgage. Cannot see the point in payin all your wages to greedy inner city landlords. Btw I live in Aylesbury.