Renewing insurance policy online with the same insurer and other Q's

Hi all,

I have a bit of a situation here but I’ll try to explain it as concise as possible to not bore you!

Before I start, there’s one fact which affects the whole story. As some of you might remember, someone smashed/dislodged the front wheel of my MT-09 in January last year. I didn’t know whether it was an attempted theft or just a bad driver so I called the police. They opened a case and said they would contact the building management company to get the CCTV footage from the camera overlooking the bike. I, being the law abiding citizen that I am, informed MCE (my current insurer) about the fact and said that there was an ongoing police investigation. Eventually it turned out that the camera wasn’t working at the time and the case was closed. I obviously let MCE know and they said it wouldn’t be an issue.

I then swapped MT-09 for the GSX-R in August and the fact suddenly popped up as a claim! I said it wasn’t a claim but rather just a call to let them know. The guy agreed and said he’d add a note explaining that it’s not a claim.

So, now insurance for my gixxer is coming to an end this Saturday. I received a call from MCE some time last week, gave them all the details and got a renewal quote for £1300 (which is more or less acceptable taking my situation and location into account). I didn’t accept it straight away but instead wrote down the reference number hoping that I could get something cheaper with other insurers. During the conversation she said that I have a claim on my file from January last year. Yet again I explained that it was not a claim and that I was reassured by 2 other representatives of MCE that I had spoken to over the year that it won’t be an issue come the renewal time. She agreed and moved on.

Today I get another call from them, pick up my phone and a different girl offers to do another quote as I only have 6 days left to go on my current policy. I (foolishly?) agree and as we go through all the details she stumbles upon the “claim” note and says she has to discuss it with her managers. I (again) explain that it wasn’t a claim and agree for her to have a chat. She comes back and says that they have to put it down as a claim even though it’s not known whether it was an attempted theft or just a bad driver. She says there’s nothing she can do as the manager told her to do so. Ok, let’s see the quote. The numbers generate and I get an offer for… drumroll… £3000!!!

I thought she was joking at first but as you can guess she wasn’t…

If I use the price comparison websites, MCE comes up as £1150, which is significantly less. I also have the reference number for the £1300 quote.

My question is - can I call them up and accept it? Are they legally obliged to keep the price promise they gave me a week ago? If not, can I just renew it online with the same insurer seeing how it comes up cheaper than when speaking to them personally? Would I have any issues with NCB or anything else?

Well… I would try other companies… try the walk away trick, say that you want to cancel the insurance with them, see if they bring down the price to something that you are happy with.

Since you’re an existing customer, even with that reference number, your details will come up along with that ‘claim’ somewhere down the line, if not immediately. You would be better off asking to speak to the claims to dept directly as its their responsbility to close down any claims.

Have the police closed the case since the CCTV cameras weren’t working? If so, when speaking to the claims dept notify them that the case was closed and you never claimed for damage, you only notified them in case another car was involved and could have been a future claim.

The renewal dept aren’t able to wipe off claims from the system officially and the chances are you got someone relatively new.

I called some 5-6 companies today. Some refused to insure me point blank and one quoted me £1900, which is far too much for my liking but still less than MCE.

Police did close the case soon after due to lack of evidence. Thanks for the advice on calling the claims department, didn’t think of that! Might work. In the worst case I’ll just go with the other company that quoted me less today, so at least I have some blackmail material to play with :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of insurance company’s

Most companies want to know if you’ve had an accident/incident regardless if you’ve claimed or not. It all goes on file, ready to shaft you up the jacksie on the next renewal!

when it comes to MCE I called them 4 times and got 4 different quotes, from £700 to £2,800… it all depends what idiot you get on the end of the line…

But yes what nivag says is true… I have 5 accidents that have been not my faultt, and in 4 cases no one has claimed as the damage wasn’t worth it (the other I claimed against other party and won)… because of the situations I had to report them to avoid getting caught out if the other party decided to claim… they do a good job in bumping up my premiums!

My 5ps worth.

Get insured with another insurance company online.

On the application you can honestly answer “Have you had a claim in the past 5 years” with a NO.

They may phone you later (IF it comes up on any records ) querying it - whereby you can honestly tell them you haven’t claimed and if you are unlucky enough to have a subsequent claim and it’s queried then - you are legally correct to tell them you haven’t claimed…

Sometimes insurance companies get the jitters and give you a black mark that convinces them you are a bad risk - and they want to wash their hands of you.

Happened to my missus on her car - she had a no-fault accident and her Admiral premium jumped from £350 to £1150 on renewal… They didn’t want her business because although she was innocent she was “The type of person who has accidents”

She went to E Sure and got insured for £325!

Problem is most websites ask about accidents, claim or not… :frowning:

True Alex - I just checked with Bennetts … this is their question;

Have you had or caused any accidents, claims, losses, incidents or damage in any vehicle during the past 3 years whether or not a claim was made and regardless of blame?

“had or caused” … I guess the “incidents” part would be applicable here - weasel words , if you drop your bike while pushing it I guess that’s an incident technically, even if you were alone and nobody saw it … I suppose the lesson is never report anything unless you really need to, the OP was right to do it and was honest with the Insurance co but because of his honesty he’s being shafted… Double Grrrrrr:angry:

Grrrr I’m sure car policies don’t ask this…

Ok as my wife pointed out about what happened with her “ghost Claim”

Your claim is on the “claims register” and HAS to be taken off otherwise everyyone you speak to will referenece it and EVERY time you get a quote it will e used against you.


Speak to your original insurance co and explain everything again - once they agree get them to delete the claim and CONFIRM IN WRITING.

It seems that up to now the insurance clerks you have spoken to have agreed it’s invalid but passed on without deleting it - probably too much hassle - so…

Make an effing nuisance of yourself and get it deleted…

I come up against this every time I go to insure my cars and my bike.
I had someone hit one of the cars 2 years ago, when it was parked.
I stupidly called my insurance company to inform them- the insurer’s authorised repairer quoted £1200 for the repair.
I paid for it out of my own pocket (£300) and saved a bundle but now I have an accident (not a claim) on file and it means every renew is around 15% more expensive than it would be otherwise.
For no reason other than I was unlucky to have some scrote hit the car and then drive off.

If you fail to tell your next insurer about a claim or accident then they can use it to invalidate your policy if you have to claim again.
This could ruin you financially.

Next time, think about whether it is worthwhile telling an insurer about cosmetic or relatively minor damage or not.
Officially you are supposed to, but most people don’t and I can see why.

I would definitely want it to be downgraded to a non-claim accident though.
This will see your premium go up, but not double.

So I guess next time someone asks me the old philosophical question "If a tree falls in a forest & no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise?"I should point out that surely the real question here is “If a bike falls in a forest & no one is around to hear it, do I still need to inform my insurance company?”

Actually, thinking about it, If the insurance companies asked this question 20 years ago, it’d be interesting to see Eva Herzigova’s application for insurance following the “Hello Boys” billboard campaign… :w00t:


Tell them that you’re making an official complaint & ask them for a reference number for said complaint. They then have to provide you with written confirmation of your complaint within a few days & their official final response within 8 weeks.

If after the 8 week period has elapsed they either haven’t dealt with your complaint to your satisfaction, or responded at all, then take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service & ask them to investigate.

I will never use MCE. They could not get their act together with quotes for me two years ago. Their premiums can sometimes seem low, but their excess is very high, sometimes over £2000. They then try and sell you an excess protection policy. At the time I was consider them for insurance, they were gving 15 month policies for the price of 12, or at least that’s how they advertised it. The excess protection policy, only last for 12 months. There is also a finitie limit on the total value of the claims, so if that value is £3000, and you make two large claims, it will cover you for the first £2000 of excess, but then only for the following £1000 of excess. So if you are the victim of multiple claims, you’ll find out that you’re not fully covered for each one.

Thanks for the replies everyone! Very much appreciated!

I have an update on my case. After calling several other insurance companies and being refused to be insured by all of them I decided to call MCE again and try to accept the offer they gave me last week (i.e. the “cheap” £1300 one). Some guy I’ve not spoken to picked up, found the quote using the number I gave him, went through all the details as usual and gave me the final number - £1150! Didn’t mention anything about any claims or calls or anything else at all. As if there were no notes on my account at all. Makes you wonder what made that girl suddenly panic the other day. Slan might be right by saying that she was new or not too experienced, hence the confusion.

Regarding what Ross said about buying insurance online - the problem is that only 2 insurers come up on all the comparison websites that are even willing to insure me - MCE and Bennetts, the latter one asking for £2300 for TPFT. You don’t really get many options living in Central London in an F* postcode with no garage. I suppose I have to consider myself lucky that I managed to get insured at all.

I will, however, follow your advice and call them up at some point about the ghost claim as you suggested and get it removed. Not in the mood to do it at the moment having called half of the insurers over the last few days :slight_smile:

Most importantly I can ride again for another year! :slight_smile: