Renegade can

Just a couple of sound clips of my Renegade can, thought I’d post them up. Got a track day next week with a 105db noise restriction. Got a funny feeling I’m not gonna pass. My mate’s came in a 106db when he done one and mines a lot louder than his. Might have to bite the bullet and put the original back on. Really don’t want to, thing ways a ton, and I’ve had the bike set up to run with the renegade. Not sure how it would run with the original back on:cool:

Different record setting

Sounds luvvverly :smiley: almost as nice as my TL with carbon Scorpions;)

Are these Db Killers on Ebay any cop? I think i might be in your position next spring(fingers crossed)

Cheers dude:)Not sure about the killers never had a look at them tbh. I doubt i’d get them in time with this postal strike. I orded some pads off ebay last friday and they went out recorded on monday I still haven’t got them. I needed them for tomorrow because the bikes going in for a service, I can put the pads in ok but the shop was gonna bleed the rear brake for me as the rear brake is really poor at the mo. Tuonos are known for having a crap rear brake. Not good when you need to rescue a wheelie:w00t:

Are Renegade still over at Brands Hatch?

They may be able to help you with a removable baffle or something.

Just a thought:cool:

No there’ve gone back to portugal, which is a pain.:slight_smile: