Renault cheating at F1

Guess it’s official (according to the BBC), if the team manager and some other shirker have resigned. Renault certainly seem to be putting the blame on them so bosh, another kick in the sack for Ecclestone’s F1 circus :slight_smile:

And if thats made official then he loses QPR as well !

I blame Alonso…always involved in iffy practices.

Kick them all out.

Lots of ways at looking at this:

Someone got caught “match fixing”. The only surprise is that they got caught.

For once it’s not Ferrari winging.

For once it’s not McClaren in the FIA’s huge penalty box.

What a great piece of logistics and tactics to work out just where the best crash site would be for maximum gain.

Nelson Piquet Jnr is a better driver than I thought. He can crash to order. I just thought he did that by accident.

My surprise was that Pat Symonds stood up to be counted out.

And Alonso’s place in all of this is where?