removing wing mirrors

Hi,i am looking to take the wing mirrors off my bike and wondered if they are a legal requirment, if anyone knows can they let me know thanks.

Let me guess, you want your bike to look like a race bike…

LOL I thought you meant car wing mirrors

sla002, whilst you don’t legally need mirrors (though if you have ONE fitted, you’ll fail an MOT), it’s a very good idea to have them fitted for saftey, and license-saving reasons! I used to ride around for along time without mirrors, as I liked the look of the bike without them fitted, and it made it feel a bit racier, but you’re gambling when doing that, as you can’t watch out for the idiot behind you who hasn’t noticed it’s a red light you’ve stopped for, or the fact that the Police have just pulled out of a side-road you didn’t see…

I would recommend keeping them, it’s too big a risk otherwise.

Well, I know it never used to be a legal requirement, it can be a bit dodgy on the road without them though - I’ve done it and you do miss them!

Same here sla! I used to ride without mirrors and have never had any problems but it’s just not safe at all. It’s your decision but if you get in court for cousing an accident and the prosecutor can prove that if you had mirrors you could avoid the accident, you are done and bad! The law at moment allows you to not have them fitted. It’s your choice mate…

In my opinion race bike looks cool only on track! On the road it looks like you want to show off and when in the track rides in the intermediate… Don’t get me wrong, I have been there, done that! Never more…

I believe that if the bike comes fitted with mirrors, you’ve got to have both of them. If, however, there have never been mirrors, you don’t need to have them, both for MOT and legal reasons.

Can’t see why you wouldn’t want to have mirrors, though, as it’s quite useful to see what goes on behind you, n’est-ce pas?

Don’t think it’s illegal, just ill advised for safety reasons and law spotting purposes. I would keep them on personally. Having had a mirror save my bacon today when a ‘mate’ nearly sideswiped me

i think i am going to keep them on. as you all say it is the safer option thanks. it was just an idea.

nooooooooooooo take em off. and the indecaters.

My knowledge seems to be different from all suggested so far… I thought you were legally only required to have a minimum of ONE off-side mirror.

It would look poo with one mirror though.

same for cars as well as bikes…

but I have been wrong before.

Saying that I have seen a few older cars that have only one mirror fitted as standard, but then they are old cars lol.

Best to have them on, I like to know whats happening behind me!

I was following a guy on a scoot who had no mirrors the other day and he hadn’t got a clue what was going on around him, to the point that he nearly took me out when I overtok in the other lane.

TBH in town you need all the help you can get to stay in one piece. Keep them on.

although not a legal requirement, a right hand mirror should be fitted (two mirrors are preferable). not all motorcycles are fitted with mirrors, and mirrors don’t always give a clear view behind. looking behind is important because the view through the mirrors on some motorcycles is restricted, leaving significant blind spots. there will be times when you need to look round to see the full picture. looking behind also warns other drivers that you may be about to signal or alter course.

keep them.

Captain Moto strike again?

The mirrors on my bike are a pain but i woudl never be with out then do kinda get tired of replacing the glass when car drivers alter thier road position in a vein and jealous effort to prevent me filtering. But to be fair I guess i remove as many of thier mirrors as they break of mine.

thinking better now! My CD 200 benly has only one mirror. At first I tought that the ex owner had broken it but looking in the manual they come this way from factory! Only the right side!

Yeah, I reckon that’s pretty much it… if you don’t do much town riding then they won’t really matter cos you will only be looking ahead ! Around town I use em all the time although I shoulder check even though I use em so possibly could do without em, maybe I will give it a try sometime…

no clue, or just didn’t care?

my mirrors are poo but doing brands without them made me realise how much i do use 'em (kept looking for the gaps). have to do the ‘right guard’ check. with the bird on the back, i’m just looking at her pins (very distracting!)

find 'em esp useful when about to filter or motorway riding actually - can see if any cars are further back than my blind spot from the shoulder check - cages a ton-up can catch you pretty quick if you’re pulling out at normal motorway speeds…

Isn’t removing them a bit like, well, daft?

Do you really think anybody notices them when looking adoring at the 'ped? Ok, ZX12R’s aside (soz SP, but they are brutes ).

If I follow ANYONE who has no mirrors I may sneak up and turn your ignition off just for being a twit.

Imagine how we would rant on about car drivers if they started taking their mirrors off, Lord knows it’s bad enough already!

C’mon guys, get a grip, leave’em and use’em.