removing white lines makes drivers slow down


I am inclined to go with the comments made by the AA chap.

It is not said what the current accident rate on these particular roads were before, but I don’t think any conclusions can be made until 12 - 18 months after the new scheme is implemented so that there are direct comparible figures.

And following an accident … each driver is adamant that they were on the right side of their road …

The only way that not putting the white lines back could be justified is for the “report” and “small scale trials” to be pubished.  I would think that not putting the the white lines back is a measure to save money.  For any incidents that were recorded on dash cams or action cameras, having the white lines clearly visible could make a clear cut case where postion is in dispute.  Don’t forget that some of the white lines are made with reflective paint, which is very helpful at night.

Any white line even without reflective paint is helpful in the rain at night. 

The removal cannot have had much of a detrimental effect if it has taken two years for the Standard to report these “recent” changes, or for people to suddenly become outraged by it.

I guess the point is that white lines help, you feel safer, you drive faster so the safety benefit of them is lost.

I see people driving around with two wheels over the white line all the time, seemingly oblivious to it anyway

Really, they put them on major roundabouts in London to take away the uncertainty. Methinks they forget to repaint them and this is a cover story for too trusting Joe Public.

I know, lets save on Aluminium (which is rather expensive) and get rid of road signs.  It will save lives as people will have to drive really slow to figure out where they are, and need to go.

But without the idiot lines everybody will just drive in the middle of the road.

Reminds me of the experiment they did in one German village where they just removed all road traffic signs…

Their thinking of it

Ps if they were aluminium i don’t think they would be still in place …the doasyoulikeys would have been there first .


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