Removing the tank protector

I have just bought a new tank protector for my Bandit, as my old one is horrible and has been put too low down on the tank anyways, so I want to take it off and put the new one on in a slightly different position, so what is the best method for removing my old tank protector without destroying the paint work on the tank?

Plus the side tank/knee protectors need removing too, as they are starting to peel off, but what are these called, as I can’t find any replacements?


Im no expert but I find that if you heat these kind of things up with a hairdryer it softens the plastic & glue letting you peel it off without much fuss :slight_smile:

You can clean any sticky residue off the tank with WD-40 or Lighter Fluid:)

Not sure what the side bits are called either but we took some off of Davebez’s bike the other week with a hairdyer, worked a treat, I am sure it would be the same for the tank pad as well :slight_smile:

I removed a horrible old tank pad from my Bandit recently, heated it up with a heat gun (hair dryer would do the trick) then peeled the plastic off.
It left a load of thick adhesive behind so with a load of kitchen roll and some petrol managed to wipe most of it off (make sure you do this outside, and don’t light any fags!).

There was some residue left behind which I removed with kitchen roll and WD40. Washed it, let it dry and stuck on a nice new one.

Agree with you. the best option.

Removed all of them earlier this afternoon, easy enough, got a few odd looks tho from people passing by! Although my tank is still covered in gunk, as didn’t have enough time to finish the job properly. Probably get round to removing it all sometime next week! :smiley:

so the pads on the side…are they stomp grips by chance?

No, I looked at those, but they seem too expensive. Mine were just two crappy plastic ovals, didn’t seem to do much except look tatty.

Have you tried using an angle grinder…