Removing swirl marks on paint?

Now the bike has fresh paint i want to keep it that way but the wrong cloths had been used and now the bike is covered in swirl marks.

Is there a good way of getting these gone with polishes and waxs if so how and what do people do?

Farecla G3 and an electric polisher/mop :smiley:

Thats what the painter used the other day with an m3 mop but thats what done the damage it didnt even get rid of the 2000 grit marks left from it being flatted.

Anywhere i can go to have it done properlly?

Lint Free Cloth…Somthing like a T-Shirt will do ok.

Muc Off Miricle Shine…Or somthing like AutoGlym Super Resin Polish

Little circles with some light pressure. Make sure you use lint free cloths…

Dont use an electric polisher if you don’t know what you’re doing…Farecla is great but use it carefully…double careful on recent paint…Leave it for a week or two and have a go at it. Paint, fresh from the booth, isn’t nearly hard enough to get a top shine on…:):slight_smile:

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish, they also do a paint renovator which is light enough that it barely works so fairly safe.
My mate scratched my tank with his wedding ring and I managed to polish out the scuffs with Auto Glym super resin.

I normally use Muc-off polish with Super Resin Autoglym afterwards. Don’t use a t-shirt pay for a decent muc-off micro fibre polishing cloth.
Some t-shirts WILL scratch depending on weave and if they’re old they won’t have enough cotten fabric so the base weave will put more micro swirls on the tank.