Removing grease marks.

Wore my nearly new, ultra clean waterproof last Saturday and got chain lube on one arm and one cuff while trying to help out a fellow rider.

Took off the worst with a wet wipe and then did the “soft soap and water with a brush” bit of the cleaning instructions when I got home. So now I just have grease stains.

In a years time, I won’t give a sh*t, but I emailed Frank Thomas for advice and guess what they recommended. That don’t work, I told them. What else can I do? Got the predictable pompous reply.

So, real point. What do you use without disolving the 100% nylon shell/100% polyester padding/100% nylon lining?

Swarfega, Muckoff, white spirit, meths?

(Note to self: Must remember to buy black riding gear again next time.)

I’m in a similar situation with some jeans!

If they’re cotton denim you can hit them with almost anything. though don’t try my great idea: Soften the grease with meths and then draw it out into kitchen roll using a hot iron.

Spotted the flaw?

Well, yea, but only if the kitchen roll wasn’t quilted fiesta! :wink:

What worked in the end?

Essential part of any toolkit - WD40. That’ll shift it.Remember Fred Wedlock and his Best Universal Grit, Grime & Effluent Remover? “If OMO won’t whiten it and Daz won’t brighten it, B.U.G.G.E.R. it!!” :smiley:

Nobody read my post a while back about how to get grease of the carpet then?

Get some instant bike shine and wipe it off - that stuff is miraculous!!

I hear WD40 is the same…but never tried it that way.

Nobody read my post a while back about how to get grease of the carpet then?

Yes I did. Think I even contributed. Just too dumb to make the connection between carpets and riding gear.

Now I’m realy p*ssed off. I had some WD40 with me. Doh.

Best bet for removing anything oil or grease related is paraffin. If you can’t find paraffin, go to Homebase or B&Q, buy a big bottle of barbeque fuel, think its the same. About 5 quid for 4 litres, will last a long time.

Paraffin - blimey just given me a flashback on up the road where I used to live when I was a kid, my nan’s heater was paraffin fuelled and we used to go up the road to get the bottle refilled from a token operated paraffin vending machine !